Innovation in Water & Wastewater

We offer a comprehensive range of products in analytical monitoring and process improvement, in Water and Wastewater technologies.

” We aim to provide accurate & reliable measurements of process parameters & innovative technologies, with the lowest overall cost of ownership – leading to improved process quality & reduced energy consumption. “

Royce Water Technologies have a nationwide team of dedicated Water & Wastewater professionals. Our team services Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. We have an expert team of partner distributors covering Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

We manufacture: 

In addition we also manufacture eco-friendly:

  • Aeration Pods for the elimination of Sludge and Odour in Wet Wells or Lift Stations
  • Water Moving Aerators for control of Sludge, Algae and Odour through the oxidation of lagoons and ponds

Our range of online Analytical instruments includes measurements for:

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