Company Background

Royce Water Technologies is able to deliver the best possible expert advice and solutions to our clients in Australia & New Zealand.


Royce Water is more than a distributor. We are an Australian innovator. We develop improved products and build in Australia.


Our team has a combined experience spanning decades. We have more than 20 years experience of installation and service.

Real Solutions

We take pride in offering only the best available solutions in analytical monitoring, process control and improvement.


Royce Water Technologies is an active member of the following associations: QLD Water, WIOA and the Australian Water Association.

Manufacturing in Australia

We manufacture in our Brisbane factory:
Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
Hydrostatic Level Sensors 
Lagoon Water Moving Aerators 
– MLSS Sensors

Ultrasonic Sludge Disintegration Unit on site during a trial at a Queensland Wastewater treatment plant
QLD Water Association
WIOA Australia Logo
Australian Water Association Logo

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