Chemscan® MiniLowAm

Chemscan® MiniLow-Am Reagent Assisted Online Ammonia Analyser for measurement of ammonial in effluent treatment


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On-line Ammonia Analyser for Effluent

The new single parameter in-line ammonia analyzerutilizes years of ChemScan® experience and proven technology to provide reliable and accurate analysis of water and waste water. This device has been designed from the ground up to reduce maintenance requirements, includes large ID sample tubing to minimize plugging and only needs quarterly reagent refills.



Measurement of ammonia in municipal wastewater effluent treatment


Parameters Ammonia
  • Automatic analysis of ammonia utilizing ChemScan® Proprietary method
  • Low Maintenance
  • Proven Sample Handling with Large ID Flow Paths
  • Simple Field  Calibration
  • Sample Blank to Eliminate Background Interference

The Chemscan® MiniLowAm Ammonia analyser will benefit your plant operation with:

  • High Reliability
  • Low Capital CostHigh Accuracy
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Correlates with EPA Recognized Analysis Methods

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