WTW VARiON® Plus – Ammonium, Nitrate Sensor

Combination sensor for ammonium and nitrate – In-situ – Ion-selective with automatic compensation


Combination ammonium and nitrate sensor

WTW VARiON® Plus – Calibration-free Sensor

  • In-situ combination sensor for ammonium and nitrate
  • 2 compensated parameters simultaneous
  • Calibration-free, long term stable
  • Economic, cost-effective

Ammonium and Nitrate ion-selective with automatic compensation of interferences

Ion-selective measurements directly in process – reliable 24 hours a day. The highly variable ionic sensor VARiON®Plus allows:

  • The continuous measurement of ammonium – with online compensation of potassium ion interference by using potassium ISE.
  • The new electrode VARiON®Plus NO3 enables the measuring of nitrate without chloride compensation electrode.
  • You can measure ammonium and nitrate using one sensor with perfect gradient display.
  • For measurement, simply insert the suitable electrode into the sensor, everything else is working automatically.
  • The display shows the already compensated values.
  • The potassium measuring value can be displayed optionally.

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Parameters Ammonia, Nitrate