ChemScan® UV-2150

On-line Process Analyser enabling continuous, on-line automatic monitoring of Chlorine / Chloramination, Ammonia, Dissolved Ammonia, total inorganic phosphate and Ortho Phosphates. Ideal chloramination analyser for municipal water treatment.


ChemScan® Process Analyzers can be used to detect free ammonia, while compensating for the presence of combined ammonia, turbidity and other chemicals. Spectrophotometric methods are used for the analysis.

Expanded path length flow cells can also be used which are capable of detecting free ammonia at a fraction of a part per million, if desired.



  • Municipal potable water, water treatment plants – Chloramination – Sequesterant feed
  • Municipal wastewater treatment, Sewage treatment, Effluent treatment – Process (with filtration) – Effluent (without filter)
  • Cooling water monitoring, boiler water monitoring and treatment
  • Industrial waterwater treatment
  • Industrial process water treatment


Parameters Ammonia, Dissolved Ammonia
Total inorganic phosphate, ortho-phosphate
Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Chloramine, Chloramination
Iron (Total)

Capabilities of the Chemscan® UV-2150 Process Analyser

  • Continuous, On-line and automatic monitoring of up to 4 sample lines
  • Single parameter analysis
  • Multiple detection ranges
  • Multiple data output capabilities
  • Up to 4 concentration set point alarms
  • Continual self diagnostics with alarm

Features and Benefits of the Chemscan® UV-2150 Online Analyser

  • Multiple Wavelength UV Absorbance Detection System
  • Integrated Multiple Sample Line Manifold
  • Automatic Zero and Clean
  • Internal data logs
  • Uses benign and inexpensive reagents
  • No specific Ion electrodes to clean or replace
  • Simple, user-friendly operator interface
  • The perfect chlorine / chloramination analyser for water treatment process analysis


A ChemScan® On-Line Analyser  will automatically provide operators with timely process chemistry measurements, without the need for frequent manual sample or laboratory analysis.

  • These measurements can be used for:
  • Process Conformance Assurance
  • Improvement of process performance
  • Controlling energy adn chemical costs