ECS-20 Series

Electrodeless conductivity sensors designed for cooling towers, bleed, rinse water and solution concentration applications.

Low Cost Electrodeless Conductivity Sensors

The ECS20 Series of Electrodeless conductivity sensors have been developed and engineered to produce a very low cost sensor, without sacrificing performance or quality. This has been achieved by injection moulding the sensor in glass loaded polypropylene.

The sensor provides all of the benefits that the method of Electrodeless conductivity measurement provides. It is extremely tolerant of coating on the sensor, probably the greatest problem with conventional conductivity measurement.

The ECS20T incorporates temperature compensation and can be mounted inline, in a tank wall or large bore pipe or in an open tank using a range of adapters.


  • Low cost
  • Low Maintenance
  • Inline, Dip and Tank Mounting Options
  • Ideal for use with the BC9 series Controllers and the MTD53 Cooling Tower Monitor
  • Ideal for Cooling Tower Bleed, Rinse Water & Solution Concentration Applications

Technical Specifications Sheet

Please find a detailed Technical Specifications Sheet for this product by clicking the link below.