OD 8325/8525

Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

These sensors are designed for measuring dissolved oxygen using the fluorescence phenomenon. OD 8325 sensor is for submersible installation. OD 8525 sensor is for overflow and in-line installation. Thanks to the analog and digital outputs, the sensors can be connected to the most common PLC’s or data acquisition boards. B&C Electronics offers MC 6587 and MC 7687 multi-channel controllers that allow complete management of up to three sensors, displaying the measurements and the messages that guide calibration and configuration.

Measuring method:

A light pulse of a specific wavelength its a special substance deposited on a transparent layer in contact with the liquid (or air). The light energy is absorbed and partially re-emitted in the form of a light pulse at a longer wavelength.This phenomenon is called fluorescence. The oxygen molecules in contact with the sensitive layer attenuate the fluorescence (quenching) in relations to their concentration. The digital processing of the fluorescence allows the measurement of oxygen concentration. The measuring method does not require electrolytes.

Technical Specifications Sheet

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