FloPro XCi

Flow Measurement System

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Flow Measurement System

Multiple cards for multiple sensor applications

The FloPro XCi (multiple card interface) allows the user to efficiently monitor a vast array of water quantity and quality sensors plus vital mining, municipal and industrial equipment and assets. It’s a smart packaged monitoring solution that provides remote data access with alerts and alarms. It’s also telemetry-ready for effective low cost control and rapid response. Users can install any combination of the cards shown, in the five available card slots. Choose the right card/s for your application to tailor the FloPro to your exact monitoring requirements now and in the future.


  • Doppler ultrasonic area/ velocity sensor with MASP technology
  • Easy to install in existing pipe work with an XCi ZX SnapStrap
  • Operates in regular and irregular cross-sections
  • Reliable under difficult hydraulic conditions
  • Replaceable ceramic diaphragm depth sensor

The FloPro XCi can be used to monitor just about any water quantity and quality sensor together with vital mining, municipal and industrial equipment and assets. Whether you need to measure flow as well as conductivity, pH and rainfall or utilize a downward looking ultrasonic depth sensor to measure pond levels the FloPro is fully expandable to your needs. Furthermore, FloPro is easily interfaced to SCADA/telemetry systems. FloPro XCi is easy to install, easy to use and virtually maintenance free. Utilizing state of the art XCi Doppler ultrasonic velocity sensors, FloPro has no moving parts and provides minimal obstruction to the flow. XCi Doppler ultrasonic velocity sensors produce superior results under a wide range of hydraulic operating conditions such as those encountered in wastewater and stormwater flows. Even when the pipe slope is unknown, in surcharge, or flowing in reverse, the FloPro produces accurate repeatable data every time.

Technical Specifications Sheet

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