ChemScan® Mini LowChlor

Low Chlorine Analyser

Low Chlorine Analyser

The ChemScan mini LowChlor analyser provides operators with reliable process chemistry measurements. The analyser data ensures proper control of chlorination treatment processes. This reduces the need for frequent manual sampling or laboratory analysis while producing the best water quality.


  • Unique sample line cleaning minimises biological interferences
  • Robust design for demanding operating environments
  • Blockage resistant internal sample tubing
  • No filtration required on samples with low solids
  • Minimal replacement parts for low maintenance
  • Sample Blank eliminates electrical/optical drift
  • Simple field adjustable calibration
  • Separate enclosures for electronic and sample handling
  • LED Light source for 10+ years design life
  • Self-Cleaning to eliminate internal fouling
  • Separate external sample line cleaning available
  • Full range of sampling accessories available for all applications


  • Assure process conformance
  • Control energy and chemical costs
  • Confirm plant compliance in real-time
  • Improve process performance
  • Low reagent and maintenance costs


  • Analysis of LowChlor in potable water, wastewater and industrial processes.

Technical Specifications Sheet

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