Large Bubble Air Mixing

PHi’s Large Bubble Air Mixing unit cleans wet wells, mixes water storage reservoirs (aiding DBP reduction) and increases Dissolved Oxygen concentration in wastewater aerobic tanks by causing water column inversion thus lengthening diffuser air contact time.


Pulsed Hydraulics is a proven mixing technology for water and wastewater, cutting the energy used for mixing by 50% over traditional mechanical mixing equipment. The PHi mixing system is designed for use in:

  • Anoxic and Aeration Basins
  • Water Storage Reservoirs
  • Sludge Holding Tanks
  • Chemical Mixing
  • Polymer and Alum Mixing
  • Lift Stations
  • Distilled Spirits
  • EQ Basins
  • Belt Press Sludge
  • Backwash Basins

Pulsed Hydraulics, Inc. provides water and wastewater plant operations with a totally unique “Hydro-Pulse” system that mixes without in-basin moving parts, is infinitely adjustable, yet simple to install, operate and maintain. The result is significant power savings over traditional mixers.

Our patented process mixes the entire contents of the tank. The PHi mixing process is non-shear and does not entrain oxygen into tank contents. There are no moving parts within the tank, which keeps the system’s reliability high and maintenance costs low.

Pulsed Hydraulics’ mixing technology is well accepted in the petroleum, chemical, food, wine and other industries. There are thousands of installations worldwide. This proven mixing solution, is finding wide acceptance for potable water mixing and multiple applications in the wastewater industry.

  • No Moving Parts in Basin or Tank
  • Power Savings over Traditional Mixers
  • 100% Online Standby
  • Greatly Reduces Costs
  • Variable Speed and Intensity Mixing
  • Complete Tank Mixing
  • Scalable to Any Size Basin or Tank
  • Significantly Less Sediment Buildup
  • SCADA Interface
  • Eliminates FOG, Ragging and Odors in Lift Stations
  • Enhances Aeration Efficiency
  • Eliminates Temperature Stratification in Potable Water Tanks
  • Prevents Ice Build-up
  • NSF-61 Approved

PHi Hydro-Pulse Mixing Technology

Pulsed Hydraulics’ Mixing technology Hydro-Pulses compressed air through 316 stainless steel forming plates on the bottom of the tank, forming very large bubbles that rise at 1.5 metres per second to the surface. As they rise, they drag tank contents with them. When the bubbles break the surface and exit to the atmosphere, the tank contents move horizontally until they meet a tank wall, or meet a wave of contents coming from another forming plate bubble. The contents move down until they hit the tank bottom, where they move sideways to the forming plate which results in a circular mixing action in the tank.

The PHi mixing system is not like diffuser or coarse-air mixers, which use a continuous stream of air. The Hydro-Pulses are released 2-4 times per minute depending on the mixing application. Each pulse is approximately 1 cubic metre in size. Both the pulse times and sizes are adjustable. This allows PHi to use the minimum amount of energy necessary to keep solids in suspension.