µFlow – Ultra Low Biogas Measurement

Compact and highly accurate measurement instrument for ultra low biogas flows. Designed for on-line real-time monitoring of laboratory scale applications.


A flow meter with zero labour requirements

With the µFlow, gas flow measurements have never been so easy. The µFlow has an on-board LCD display for the real-time visualisation of normalised gas volume and flow rate, with a standard analogue output signal option for gas flow rate. Since all gas flow measurements are taken online and in real-time, with the µFlow there are simply no labour requirements, thus freeing up time for more important activities.



  • Suitable applications include biogas process studies.
  • Ethanol fermentation
  • Dark fermentation for bio-hydrogen
  • Leak rate detection

Large detection range

The µFlow provides a large detection range, with high linearity from 20 up to 4000 ml/h. This makes the µFlow highly suitable for most lab- and small pilot- scale applications. This flexibility means that the µFlow is an extremely versatile instrument for low gas flow measurements, with a high level of precision. Overall, the µFlow is not only an instrument that is a must for biogas labs, but also any application where the precise measurement of inert and slightly aggressive gases is needed.

Gas flow and volume normalisation

The µFlow automatically normalises gas flow and volume measurements with real-time temperature and pressure compensation. This allows for gas measurements and data presentation to be standardised and the impact of measurement conditions minimised. The temperature and pressure of the gas are measured every time a flow cell opens, allowing the user to derive exact kinetic information compensated for any variation over time. The volumes are normalised to 0 degrees Celsius and 1 atm.

Highly flexible solution

The µFlow is a highly flexible low gas flow measurement device. Users can operate the µFlow as a stand-alone instrument for a specific application or combine it with other technologies, such as the 5 l and 10 l glass and steel bioreactors offered by Bioprocess Control, providing for an accurate simulation platform. Since the µFlow is a compact instrument, users can also connect multiple units (up to 8), side-by-side, to a computer based data acquisition device offered by Bioprocess Control, all requiring only a limited amount of space. This flexibility allows users to conduct multiple gas flow measurements without wasting valuable bench space.

An integrated gas flow solution

The µFlow is an integrated gas flow measurement device from several perspectives. The unit offers a standard signal output for automatic data acquisition and provides users with an embedded timer and reset button for easy logging of accumulated gas flow volume over a defined period of time. The unit is also pre-calibrated to ensure measurement accuracy, offers a glass window for the viewing of flow cell movement, and has an adjustable foot to ensure the correct installation position for high precision measurements.