Biogas Endeavour

Take control of your substrates! Developed for plant operators for rapid evaluation of biogas production potential and dynamic degradation profile from any biomass substrate.

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Designed to simplifiy the selection and pricing of substrates by determining the true energy content of any biomass substrate.

Features of the Biogas Endeavour

  • Outstanding real-time performance
  • Real-time temperature and pressure compensation to ensure that the impact of measurement conditions can be minimised and data presentation standardised.
  • How? The temperature and pressure of gas are measured every time a flow cell opens, allowing the user to derive exact kinetic information compensated for any variation over time, while considering the vapour content of the gas. The normalised volumes are presented under dry conditions at 0 degrees Celsius and 1 atm.
  • Network ready - easy access from any remote location with any web browser
  • Monitor experiments from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows mobile device.

Sample incubation unit

Maximum number of reactors per system: 6
Reactor material: glass
Standard reactor volume: 2000 ml
Dimension: 53x33x24 cm
Temperature control: up to 95 °C (precision of 0.2 °C)
Mixing in the reactor: mechanical (adjustable interval and speed), maximum speed 140 rpm


Flow cell array and DAQ unit

Working principle: liquid displacement & buoyancy
Up to 6 cells running in parallel
Built-in pressure and temperature sensor
Measurement resolution: 10 ml
Detection capacity: up to 33 l cumulative gas per channel for each batch test
Measuring range for instant gas flow rate: 10 to 120 ml/min
Embedded data acquisition (maximum capacity 2×10^4 flow cell openings)
Dimension: 51x44x18 cm
Housing: plastic
Repeatability: ±4%


Software & System

Web based software running on an embedded server
On-line real-time gas flow and volume display
Automatic real-time pressure and temperature compensation
Real-time gas flow and volume normalisation
Possibility of multiplexing, allowing for simultaneous batch analysis at different startup times
User friendly guidelines for experiment setup
On-line system logger for operational diagnosis
Power supply: 12 V DC / 5A
Usage: indoor