2nd Generation ATP®

Quick, precise view into your microbes

Quick, precise view into your microbes

Effective management starts with accurate, fast, high-level information. Our 2nd Generation ATP® Testing provides data to help you know what is happening in your system. Our patented measurement system represents a major upgrade over other microbiological tools.

By combining LuminUltra products like our PhotonMaster™ luminometer, and myLuminUltra software, you will have a true total measurement of all microorganisms contained in your sample in just a few minutes. Having rapid information allows you to take action at the earliest possible moment, saving time and money in the battle against microorganisms.

How it works

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the primary energy carrier for all forms of life. The measurement of ATP concentration in a sample provides a direct assessment of biological concentration and health.

ATP is quantified by introducing luciferase, the naturally-occurring firefly enzyme, into a processed sample and then measuring the light produced as a result of the reaction using a luminometer. The amount of light produced is directly proportional to the amount of ATP present in the sample.

Why choose 2nd Generation ATP®?

To stay in control of microorganisms, you need a comprehensive toolbox of microbiological tests including fast, complete measurements from tools like 2nd Generation ATP®.

LuminUltra 2nd Generation ATP® delivers: