GeneCount® NGS

Perform a complete Microbial Community Analysis

Perform a complete Microbial Community Analysis in Wastewater

Being able to identify and quantify the microorganism present in a wastewater sample enables you to diagnose and take action to resolve complex problems, including microbial corrosionbiofouling, and wastewater treatment performance.

With LuminUltra’s Microbial Community Analysis (MCA) services, you get a complete overview of microbial activity within your sample. Our MCA solutions sequence marker regions present in all bacteria/archaea (16S) or Fungi (ITS), allowing for differentiation and identification of all microbes present.

This deeper level of insight enables you to better understand the cause and effect relationships certain microbes have on your processes – good or bad – as well as evaluate trends and targets for further investigation.

The LuminUltra advantage: a complete, end-to-end solution

We offer a complete solution from sample collection to result, including sample preservation and preparation, sequencing, bioinformatics and insightful reporting via our web dashboard.

Our comprehensive NGS report includes application-relevant concentrations and insights, and identifies problematic organism types.


Sample with confidence

With the LuminUltra Sample Preservation Kit, you can ensure the microbiome of the sample is preserved as sampled for the most accurate results regardless of location or time of sampling.

You can submit a variety of sample types via the Sample Preservation Kit, including solids, surface swabs, water and wastewater. Samples ship at ambient temperatures and via standard mail, with no need for cold chain shipping.


Results interpretation with the GeneCount® Dashboard

GeneCount® Dashboard ensures you achieve the greatest benefit from your testing program, including application-relevant concentrations and insights and identification of problematic organism types. With the GeneCount® Dashboard you can perform additional analyses on your sample, identify trends over time and easily share results within your organisation.

Comprehensive and quantifiable

Our NGS service includes qPCR testing which quantifies the entire community of interest. This results in more valuable reporting, giving you both the relative abundance numbers of what’s in your sample as well as the actual concentration quantities in cells/mL.

Identify trends over time

With the NGS Dashboard you don’t have to worry about large, unwieldy spreadsheets. Easily manipulate your data, examine specific functional groups such as ammonia-oxidizing and sulfate-reducing, and identify trends over time.

Collaborate and share your results

We make the data easy to communicate with your internal stakeholders, including data visualisations, trend analysis and application-specific concentrations and insights.