750w² Portable Monitor

Portable MLSS & Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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Portable MLSS & Dissolved Oxygen Meter

The 750w2 portable monitor makes it easy to gather and record data on water quality parameters. Using high-quality cable connectors to connect a variety of interchangeable water quality sensors, including TSS, dissolved oxygen and temperature.

Simple, robust & accurate

  • The 750w2 handheld water quality monitor gathers data in real-time making it easy to check online systems or monitor operations when no online output is available.
  • The rugged unit has a built-in data recorder for storing a minimum of 500 data points per sensor.

Market Leader

  • The monitor’s easy-to-use interface, multiple sensor options and a field-ready design makes the 750w2 the market leader for on-site monitoring of TSS, Turbidity, Sludge Level and Dissolved Oxygen.
  • Four choices of TSS sensor provide the flexibility and accuracy required for TSS measurement in different applications.

Self-Linking Sensors

  • The Partech 750w2 Portable Monitor is designed for simplicity. Connected sensors are discovered automatically and readings are displayed immediately.

Onboard Calibration Assistant

  • Step by step calibration assistance simplifies in-field operations.

Easy Data Collection

  • No software, internet or wireless connection needed. Data is stored on the device for later use.

Multi-Site Capable

  • Up to 10 specific TSS calibrations are supported, allowing the same sensor to be used across multiple locations.

Technical Specifications Sheet

Please find a detailed Technical Specifications Sheet for this product by clicking the link below.