TU 8355 & TU 8555

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Suspended Solids Sensors

These unique sensors have been designed to measure high Turbidity and Suspended Solids based on back scattering technology. The sensors are available for submersible and in-pipe installations.

The measuring system consists of:

  • Infrared light source
  • Detector of scattered light by suspended particles
  • Detector of the clean lens status
  • 2-wire 4/20 mA analog output
  • Modbus Output
  • Nozzle for the autoclean by external pressured air (TU 8355)

Principle of operation

The Turbidity and suspended solid measurement follows the back scattering method. A light beam is sent in the sample through an optical lens. The back scattered light by suspended particle is collected by the sensor through a second lens, detected and converted in an electric signal proportional to the Turbidity of the sample. The probe uses an infrared light and the measuring is not affected by the colour of the sample.

Technical Specifications Sheet

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