WTW NitraLyt® Plus

In-situ nitrate/nitrite sensor with optional chlorine compensation.


NitraLyt® Plus

This in-situ nitrate sensor from WTW comes with a chlorine compensation option. Monitor and optimise your Nitrogen Elimination Process in a cost-effective, low maintenance system.

The NitraLyt® Plus features:

  • In-situ nitrate sensor with optional chloride compensation
  • Economic, cost-effective
  • Calibration-free, long term stable
  • Short response time

The optimization of nitrification/denitrification during wastewater treatment is simplified even further by the new NitraLyt®Plus system:
• Nitrate is also directly measurable during the process in addition to oxygen and ammonium.
• Measured values are promptly available and can be used directly to control the process.
• Low investment and maintenance costs (automatic compressed air cleaning system).


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Parameters Nitrogen / Nitrate / Nitrite