WTW-NitraVis 700 IQ

In-situ Nitrate sensor with highly precise optical measurement for determination of real Nitrate value. Used with WTW Online IQ Sensor Net instruments.


• Used with IQ Sensor Net Instruments #182 or #2020

• In-situ nitrate sensor / Precise optical measurement / No chemicals or consumables / In-situ Measurement of Nitrate and Suspended Solids (optional).

• High-precision spectral measurement allows determination of the real Nitrate value. Interfering influences caused for example by Nitrite or Suspended Solids are easily detected due to the available spectral infomation and automatically taken into account or used for compensation.

Measuring Principle:         Spectral Measurement in the UV/VIS Range (200 – 750 nm)

Measuring Range Nitrate:    0.1 … 100.0 mg/l inlet, aeration (NitraVis® 700/1)

0.01 … 25.00 mg/l outlet (NitraVis® 700/5)

Accuracy:                              ±3% of measured value ±0.5 mg/l (with Check algorithm, in standard solution)

Measuring Range  TSS:        0 … 10.00 g/l (Inlet; Aeration. 0 … 900.0 mg/l (Outlet)

Parameters Nitrate / Nitrite