ChemScan® Mini ChlorAm

Chloramination Analyser

The ChemScan mini ChlorAm Chloramination Analyser provides operators with timely process chemistry measurements to optimize the challenging chloramination process. The analyser provides data to ensure proper disinfectant while minimizing disinfection by-products (DBPs) and nitrification potential in drinking water distrubution systems. This reduces the need for frequent manual sampling or laboratory analysis while producing the best water quality. The mini ChlorAm Analyser is well suited for drinking water and wastewater chloramination applications.

The mini ChlorAm Analyser monitors multiple parameters in the Chloramination process; Monochloramine, Total Ammonia, and Free Ammonia, while calculating the Cl2:N ratio.

The analyser utilises 15 years of ChemScan Chloramination experience and proven technology. Unlike other analysers, no mandatory service contract is required.


  • Low maintenance
  • Proven sample handling with large sample lines to minimise blocking
  • Easy to maintain with intuitive sample flow
  • Components are designed for easy accessibility
  • Integrated self cleaning to remove buildup in flow cell and sample lines
  • Simplified analysis cycle reduces the number of moving parts
  • Field analysis utilising proven methods
  • Sample blank to eliminate background interference
  • Simple field adjustable calibration


  • Reliable chloramination process control to minimise DBP’s
  • Minimised dichloramine to reduce taste and odour complaints
  • Reduced need for frequent laboratory analysis
  • Lowest capital and operational cost
  • No service contract required

Technical Specifications Sheet

Please find a detailed Technical Specifications Sheet for this product by clicking the link below.