ChemScan® UV-4100

The Chemscan® UV 4100 Nutrient Analyser measures up to 4 parameters: Dissolved ammonia, total inorganic Phosphate, free and total chlorine, and Nitrate / Nitrite (Percentage of transmittance).


ChemScan® Process Analysers are the perfect solution for water chloramination process control. The Chemscan® UV 4100 Nutrient / process analysers dispenses with the need for frequent manual sampling or laboratory analysis.

There is simply no better solution for online and real time water and wastewater process analysis.

Parameters Ammonia, Dissolved Ammonia
Total inorganic phosphate, ortho-phosphate
Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine
Nitrate – Nitrite – % Transmittance

Features and Benefits of the Chemscan® UV-2150 Online Analyser

  • Multiple Wavelength UV Absorbance Detection
  • Integrated Multiple Sample Line Manifold
  • Automatic Zero and Clean
  • Internal data logs
  • Benign and inexpensive reagents (available through RWT)
  • No specific Ion electrodes to clean or replace
  • Simple to use operator interface – minimises training required


The ChemScan® UV 4100 Process Analyser provides Australian operators with real time process analysis for:

  • Process Conformance Assurance
  • Improvement of process performance
  • Controlling energy and chemical costs

Capabilities of the Chemscan® UV-4100 Process Analyser

  • Continuous, On-line and automatic monitoring of one or two sample lines
  • Up to 4 parameters can be analysed
  • Multiple detection ranges
  • Multiple data output capabilities
  • Up to 8 concentration set point alarms
  • Continual self diagnostics with alarm