MC 6587 & MC 7687

Multi-channel Modbus Controllers for B&C Modbus Sensors

MC 6587 and MC 7687 can control up to three B&C Electronics digital probes and transmitters. If necessary, the user can connect two or three devices of the same kind, so to have a double or triple validation.

The available parameters are:

  • Turbidity and suspended solids
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Conductivity and TDS

Turbidity Sensors

TU 8355 High Turbidity and Suspended Solids sensor

TU 8325 Turbidity sensor, submersible with autoclean

TU 8555 High Turbidity and Suspended Solids sensor

TU 8525 Turbidity sensor

Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

OD 8325 In-line DO sensor

OD 8525 Submersible DO sensor with autoclean

Conductivity Sensors

C 8825.4 Conductivity sensor

Technical Specifications Sheet

Please find a detailed Technical Specifications Sheet for this product by clicking the link below.