Kuh Kai Water Aerator

KUH KAI is an innovative product that collides, stirs and breaks down sludge and air into fine particles in a pentagonal cylinder 65cm in length, to accelerate the purification of waste water. Air jetted from a pentagonal cylinder diffuses and radiates outward while eddying in a non-conventional approach.



  • Applicable when the water is 1m or deeper
    Applicable to existing or new equipment as long as the water tank or lagoon pond is 1m or deeper.
  • No clogging (Pentagonal tube opening 80mm × 130mm)
    No need to worry about clogging due to the large-diameter opening particularly with intermittent
    processes during denitrification.
  • Power cost reduction (20% to 40%)
    With a small pressure loss between the air in-take and discharge, power costs can be substantially reduced.
  • No sludge flocculation on the tank bottom and the oxygen transfer rate is high due to its “air lift effects”.
    Sludge on the tank bottom is drawn into the pentagonal cylinder and the sludge and air are broken down into
    fine particles which increases the oxygen transfer rate while colliding, being stirred, and rotating. This how the KUH KAI effectively purifies the water.
  • Easy maintenance and management due to its simple structure
    The main body is made of stainless steel and the inside is made of molded resin = Virtually maintenance free. Also, the main body material and the installation method can be changed according to needs.