Aquacell S100 Water Sampler

Aquacell S100 Water Sampler

Full specification compact wall mounted automatic water and wastewater sampler.


Aquamatic S100 automatic water and wastewater sampler using tried and tested Aquacell technology.


•    The Aquamatic S100 automatic water and effluent sampler is MCERTs compliant
•    The unit features a lockable front cover for security
•    Quick release wall mounting for easy removal of the auto sampler unit. Ideal for use in multiple sampling point applications
•    Compatible with all of the Aquamatic non Integral range of Sample Collection Vessels
•    Perfect for indoor & outdoor sampling sources – compact size facilitates positioning of the sampler at your source.
•    Mains and / or Battery powered (Float charged Battery Backup optional)
•    The Aquamatic S100 automatic wastewater sampler can be connected to, and controlled by, external equipment such as Flow Meters, pH Meters, PLCs etc.   – Via the Ancillary Signal Connection

Royce Water Technologies is the Aquamatic Samplers distributor for Australia. For the Australian and New Zealand price and for info on which auto water / wastewater sampler is optimal for your requirements – contact us.