Aquacell Sampler P2 MULTIFORM

The most versatile waste water sampler in the Aquamatic Samplers portable range. Compatible with 4 different types of sample collection containers.


The Aquacell P2-MULTIFORM water & wastewater sampler takes 4 different kinds of water sample collection vessels. It is designed to make it easy to change between different sample collection vessels.


  • Easy visual inspection of water and wastewater samples
  • Easy “lift-off” design for changing of sample containers
  • Available for use with various Sample Collection Vessels from the Aquamatic Samplers range
  • Mains and / or Battery powered
  • Lockable Sampler Cover
  • Front access to Sample Container without disturbing Sampler or Intake Hose
  • 350+ samples achievable with a fully charged Aquamatic Battery
  • Via the Ancillary Signal Connection all models can be connected to, and controlled by, external equipment such as Flow Meters, pH Meters, PLCs etc


We are the Australian distributor for the Aquamatic Samplers P2 Multiform portable wastewater sampler. For Australian water sampler prices – contact us.