Aquamatic S320 Water Sampler

Indoor, floor standing and refrigerated automatic water, wastewater and effluent sampler.


At the core of the S320 is Aquamatic’s innovative “AQUACELL” technology for automatic effluent and wastewater sampling. The S320 also features separation of collected samples from current liquid being sampled. This enables much routine maintenance to be carried out without need to remove collected samples.

S320 Sampler Features

  • mCert compliant
  • Critical electronic components housed securely away from risk of exposure to corrosive gases or liquid flooding or leaks.
  • Can be used with any of the sample collection container range from Aquamatic
  • Features Sample Temperature Control. Collected samples are stored at a stable temperature range from 0- 5 degrees. This is very useful when collecting samples of biologically active effluents and wastewater.
  • The Aquamatic S320 case has secure and lockable compartments for collected samples.
  • Option for collected samples to be accessed from pull out tray ( this is included with the Integral Bottlers from Aquamatic)
  • Ancilliary signal connection for connection to / integration with Flow Meters, pHMeters or other controlling instruments.
  • Power supply outlet and connections are conveniently located on the side of the cabinet.

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