Model TP5 C – Active

Portable Sampler with Active Compressor Cooling

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Portable Sampler with Active Compressor Cooling

  • Vacuum or Peristaltic pump options
  • New, direct connection via USB of an external multiparameter portable meter pH/Cond/Temp (Option)
  • Vacuum system
  • Clear operating structure and simple programming
  • LAN/GPRS/Web communication (Option)
  • Easy cleaning
  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • Transport trolley (Option)
  • Highly accurate sample volume
  • Minimal effort for calibration (Peristaltic pump)
  • Integrated pump replacement tube (Peristaltic pump)
  • Long battery run-time thanks to »sleep mode«
  • 2nd dosing tube for changing the sample volume

Technical Specifications Sheet

Please find a detailed Technical Specifications Sheet for this product by clicking the link below.