FOG Rod®

Innovative wastewater level sensor / wet well level. Failsafe – keeps working through FOG. 90% less maintenance than floats for lift stations.

Wastewater level sensor

  • 10% of the maintenance of floats
  • 10x easier than ultrasonics
  • Unbreakable – 10 year warranty

This failsafe lift station level device is almost as simple as floats, but with much less maintenance; way simpler than ultrasonics; and can’t fail like pressure transducers.

Why not free up some of your valuable time with the FOGRod®?

  • No moving parts, sensors or electronics in the wetwell
  • Failsafe
  • Simple and quick to install
  • No rewiring of your control system
  • No configuration or calibration
  • As easy to understand as floats

The FOGRod comes in three lengths – 7.5 ft, 5ft and a special 3ft (with only 6 contacts, 6” apart). If you need a 10ft FOGRod we supply 2x 5ft FOGRods (and 1 LIT). Each FOGRod has the option of two cable lengths – 50 ft or 100 ft. If you don’t already have D.C power in the panel (e.g. powering a PLC or telemetry supply) you will need a mains to D.C. power supply.


The Level Device that keeps on working as well as much lower maintenance, the FOGRod has a number of additional benefits that you don’t get with floats.

  • More reliable solution – there is a failsafe feature where faults in the FOGRod or the cable cause an alert (unlike floats)
  • Better cleaning of the well – the FOGRod can be positioned much lower in the well than a float – which allows a much lower pump stop point
  • Safety – you can see the well level on the unit without opening the well cover, making a much safer working environment
  • Remote monitoring of level and faults – the well level is indicated and communicated in 10 steps – allowing your PLC or RTU to communicate the level to your SCADA/telemetry system

Technical Specifications Sheet

Please find a detailed Technical Specifications Sheet for this product by clicking the link below.