Automatic Wastewater Samplers

ROYCE Aquamatic Samples

Automatic Wastewater Samplers

Royce Water Technologies are the Aquamatic distributor for Australia. We carry the complete range of Aquamatics products for automatic water and wastewater sampling.

Aquamatics portable and stationary wastewater samplers use Aquacell technology, incorporating a wide-bore vaccuum pump. The Aquacell is designed to ensure that a representive water or wastewater sample is collected everytime.

Innovative portable and stationary wastewater Aquamatic samplers are now distributed in Australia by your local state sales representative. Aquamatic have designed their robust and reliable wastewater samplers to suit a wide range of applications. Aquamatics automatic samplers are used by well known brands such as Cadbury-Schweppes, Heinz, and Rolls Royce.


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