• Model TP5 C – Active

    Portable Sampler with Active Compressor Cooling

  • Model TP5 C – Passive

  • Multi parameter analyser for water and wastewater applications

    Model TP5 W

    Wall-mounted Device

  • Nitrite & Nitrate Analyser

    Real-time nitrate and nitrite based monitoring & process control for water and wastewater treatment

  • OD 8325/8525

  • PH3436

  • Portable MLSS and Sludge Blanket Level Meter

    Royce Aqua 22

    Royce Water Technologies has designed and manufactured the Aqua 22 portable hand-held MLSS and Sludge Blanket Level Meter, to replace the discontinued Royce 711 portable MLSS Meter.

  • RWT S73D

    The Australian designed and built S73D submersible sensor has been optimised for measuring mix liquor suspended solids (MLSS) in aeration basins commonly found in biological wastewater treatment plants.

  • RWT S73P

    The Australian designed and built S73P In Pipe Low Range TSS Sensor has the same technical specifications as our S73D MLSS Sensor used in Waste Water Treatment Plant Aeration Basins.

  • Sludge Watch 715

    Portable Sludge Blanket Detector

  • ST 3254.X – ST 3214.X

  • Starter 400 DO portable