LuminUltra Drinking Water


Optimising Tank Flushing Using a Rapid Decision-Making Framework

Problem: A municipality experienced water quality issues while commissioning a new elevated storage tank

Facility: Chlorinated distribution system

Size: 7ML tank

Investment: ETI used ATP to immediately quantify total microbial growth within the tank at a total cost of <$250

Economic Analysis: By quickly confirming low microbial growth, the utility saved $8,000 in
overtime wages, materials and wasted potable water

Simple diagram of municipal drinking water distribution for LuminUltra case Study

LuminUltra Synopsis

In 2017, a municipal water treatment plant was commissioning a new elevated tank. The tank had been cleaned, flushed and disinfected, but initial test results indicated unacceptable water quality. After a second cleaning, the tank was refilled and water samples were sent to the lab for follow-up testing.

Because results would only be returned the following week, the utility had to decide whether to leave the uncirculated water in-situ over the weekend potentially causing further growth and requiring an additional tank draining and cleaning.

A consultant from ETI performed ATP testing on the stored water and immediately confirmed very low microbiological growth. Water was left in-situ over the weekend and a second tank cleaning was not required, saving the utility $8,000.