ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

Roycewater are the Australian distributor for LuminUltra second generation ATP microbial measurement technology. See below for LuminaUltra product information for the complete range available in Australia.

General Overview of 2nd Generation ATP – Find out why LuminUltra 2nd generation ATP technology is revolutionising the measurement of the microbes in water and wastewater treatment.

2nd Generation ATP in Wastewater Treatment Process – LuminUltra second generation ATP microbial measurement in Wastewater treatment

2nd Generation ATP in Drinking Water Management – LuminUltra second generation ATP microbial measurement in the management of drinking water

  • QuenchGone21 – Specialty

    Product preservation applications – Microbial measurement test kits that provide real-time measurement of microbes in high-solids slurries and chemical solutions.

  • Quench-Gone21 – Industrial

    ATP Microbial Test Kit for high solids water and slurries. Applications in industrial process management.

  • Microbial ATP Test Kit – QGO-M™

    Fastest measurement of total micro-organisms in organic fluids for metalworking, fuel and oilfield applications.

  • Microbial ATP Test Kit – QGA™

    Fast and highly sensitive microbial test kit based on ATP measurement. Perfect for low-solids and low bio-mass applications.