Odour & FOG Control

Odour & FOG Control

  • Kuh Kai Water Aerator

    KUH KAI is an innovative product that collides, stirs and breaks down sludge and air into fine particles in a pentagonal cylinder 65cm in length, to accelerate the purification of waste water. Air jetted from a pentagonal cylinder diffuses and radiates outward while eddying in a non-conventional approach.

  • BYO-GON PX-109®

    Promote healthy biological systems to reduce offensive odours, and capital expenditure for capture and treatment of odorous gases. Reduce O&M costs for grease and solids handling.

  • FOG Rod®

    Innovative wastewater level sensor / wet well level. Failsafe – keeps working through FOG. 90% less maintenance than floats for lift stations.

  • Wet Well Wizard

    Silver bullet for FOG and Odour problems in water collection systems: an innovative wet well aeration system from Reliant Water Technologies.