Online, optical measurement of COD, BOC, TOC for water and wastewater applications.

  • Proteus Water Quality Sensor

    An award-winning multi-parameter, real-time sensor platform (portable or permanent) that accurately and reliably measures BOD, COD and faecal coliforms for permanent and temporary applications.

  • UV/Vis Spectrometer System

    The intelligent spectral analyzator ISA provides the simultaneous acquisition of multiple parameters with only one sensor in a small form factor. This compact UV/VIS sensor provides both standard water quality parameters and additional substances and water properties applying modern chemometrical methods.

  • WTW NiCaVis®

    Optical nitrate and COD/TOC/DOC/BOD/SAC probe with spectral processing of the UUV/VIS range for on-line measurement in municipal wastewater treatment.

  • WTW CarboVIS®

    On-line measurement of COD, BOD, TOC, TSS and Nitrate using full UV-VIS spectral wave ranges from 200 to 720nm.

  • WTW NitraVis®

    On-line measurement COD, BOD and TOC using full UV-VIS spectral wave length ranges from 200 – 720nm.