Temperature Calibrators


Temperature Calibrators

RWT supply a complete range of Jofra temperature calibrators throughout Australia and New Zealand. See our complete Ametek Jofra Temperature Calibrator Product Guide. More than 20 models available.

  • AMETEK Jofra PTC-125

    Intuitive, fast, and accurate, dry-block temperature calibrator from AMETEK Jofra Calibration. The most stable cooler calibrator on the market.

  • AMETEK Jofra PTC-Series

    Professional temperature calibrator from AMETEK Jofra. High accuracy, fast calibration, wide temperature range.

  • AMETEK Jofra CTC Series

    Compact Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

  • AMETEK Jofra ITC Series

    Temperature range: -23° to 650°C, 12-month accuracy to ±0.25°C – Dual heating block – Automatic step function.

  • AMETEK Jofra RTC Series

    Reference Temperature Calibrators. Temperature range: -90°C to 650°C, 12-month accuracy to ±0.04°C – Dual-zone heating block – Independently controlled heating zones – Portability.