Wastewater Samplers


Wastewater Samplers

Royce Water Technologies are the Australian distributor for Aquamatic Samplers, the manufacturer of the innovative “Aquacell” wastewater sampling technology. Aquamatic automatic wastewater and effluent samplers are designed to make water and wastewater sampling easy.

We supply a complete range of automatic water samplers: Refrigerated and non-refrigerated water samplers. Portable and stationary models.
Royce Water can recommend the optimal wastewater sampler for your requirements and budget.

  • Aquacell Sampler P2 MULTIFORM

    The most versatile waste water sampler in the Aquamatic Samplers portable range. Compatible with 4 different types of sample collection containers.

  • Aquacell Water Sampler P2 COOLBOX

    Portable water & wastewater sampler with passive temperature control. Perfect for biologically active wastewater sampling.

  • Aquacell Water Sampler P2 Compact

    Aquamatic portable sampler – Aquacell P2 Compact.  The most portable automatic sampler for water sampling and monitoring in the entire Aquamatic range.

  • Aquamatic S320 Water Sampler

    Indoor, floor standing and refrigerated automatic water, wastewater and effluent sampler.

  • Aquacell S200 Water Sampler

    Automatic wastewater or effluent sampling equipment designed for secure indoor locations. Simplest sampler in the Aquamatic 200s range.

  • Aquacell S310H Water Sampler

    Water / wastewater / effluent Sampler. Designed for outdoor use. Features sample frost protection. Non-refrigerated.

  • Aquacell S310 Water Sampler

    Floor non-refrigerated automatic water / wastewater / effluent sampler. Stationary automatic sampler designed for indoor applications.

  • Aquacell S100 Water Sampler

    Full specification compact wall mounted automatic water and wastewater sampler.

  • Aquacell S50 Water Sampler

    Super compact wall mounted automatic effluent / water / wastewater sampler for indoor applications by Aquamatic Samplers.