Water engineer at Australian water treatment plant in 2022

Conductivity / TDS / Salinity

  • BlueConnect Module

    Digitisation of standard process sensors in your water or wastewater treatment plant

  • C 8825.4

    Electrodeless 4-20 mA LoopConductivity Sensor with RS485 – Modbus RTU  This sensor measures electrical conductivity and TDS using the inductive method. Thanks to the analog and digital outputs, the sensor…

  • ChemScan MPX4 Multi Parameter Sonde

    The ChemScan MPX4 is a cost-effective multiprobe that integrates with plant control systems for long term installation using a local controller, direct connection or wireless telemetry. The probe can also…

  • MC 6587 & MC 7687

    Multi-channel Modbus Controllers for B&C Modbus Sensors MC 6587 and MC 7687 can control up to three B&C Electronics digital probes and transmitters. If necessary, the user can connect two…

  • Multi Parameter Probes

    Designed for multi-paramater analysis of liquids, our probes are the result of 40 years of expertise in the field of electrochemical measurement.

  • Portable Instruments

    Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter – HI98198 The HI98198 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter makes measuring the concentration of dissolved oxygen hassle-free. Optical DO technology doesn’t require a minimum flow rate, so…

  • ST 3254.X – ST 3214.X

    Electrodeless 4-20mA Loop Conductivity Sensors ST 3254.1 0/10 mS range ST 3254.2 0/100 mS range ST 3254.3 0/1000 mS range ST 3214.4 0/20 mS range ST 3214.5 0/200 mS range…

  • Starter 400M pH & Conductivity Portable

    Durable, Waterproof Battery-Operated Multi-Parameter Meters Ideal for Field Testing! Starter 400M Multi Parameter Portable Water Analysis Meters are robust, lightweight, battery-operated units with waterproof housing, which are ideal for testing…

  • MXD 73/75

    MXD 73/75 Surface or Panel  Online Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Analyser – Range 0 – 99.9 PPM and % Saturation 0 – 99.9%.

  • ECS-40 Series

    Conductivity and solution concentration measurements. Ideal for process, dairy, brewing and food applications.

  • ECS-20 Series

    Electrodeless conductivity sensors designed for cooling towers, bleed, rinse water and solution concentration applications.

  • BXD17 – Single Input Controller

    The BPD17 is a microprocessor controlled instrument range offering individual controllers for the measurement parameters Electrodeless (Inductive) and Contact Conductivity, pH/Redox (ORP) Measurement. To achieve this the instrument utilises a…