Water engineer at Australian water treatment plant in 2022


  • 750w² Portable Monitor

    Portable MLSS & Dissolved Oxygen Meter

  • BlueConnect Module

    Digitisation of standard process sensors in your water or wastewater treatment plant

  • ENV200

    Ultrasonic Sludge Density Meter The ENV200 is an ultrasonic instrument that measures the density of suspended solid in liquid. It comprises of sensors, a controller, and a junction box.

  • MC 6587 & MC 7687

    Multi-channel Modbus Controllers for B&C Modbus Sensors MC 6587 and MC 7687 can control up to three B&C Electronics digital probes and transmitters. If necessary, the user can connect two…

  • Portable MLSS and Sludge Blanket Level Meter

    Royce Aqua 22

    Royce Water Technologies has designed and manufactured the Aqua 22 portable hand-held MLSS and Sludge Blanket Level Meter, to replace the discontinued Royce 711 portable MLSS Meter.

  • RWT S73D

    The Australian designed and built S73D submersible sensor has been optimised for measuring mix liquor suspended solids (MLSS) in aeration basins commonly found in biological wastewater treatment plants.

  • RWT S73P

    In Pipe Low Range TSS Sensor  The Australian designed and built S73P In Pipe Low Range TSS Sensor has the same technical specifications as our S73D MLSS Sensor used in…

  • Sludge Watch 715

    Portable Sludge Blanket Detector

  • TU 8355 & TU 8555

    Suspended Solids Sensors These unique sensors have been designed to measure high Turbidity and Suspended Solids based on back scattering technology. The sensors are available for submersible and in-pipe installations.…

  • Valmet DS

    Post De-Watering Dry Cake Solids Measurement – Solids measurement of dried wastewater sludge (dry cake) at wastewater treatment plants contribute to significant savings in polymer dosage, energy and dewatered solids…

  • Valmet TS

    Superior total solids measurement solution for wastewater

  • MXD 73/75

    MXD 73/75 Surface or Panel  Online Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Analyser – Range 0 – 99.9 PPM and % Saturation 0 – 99.9%.

  • BXD17 – Single Input Controller

    The BPD17 is a microprocessor controlled instrument range offering individual controllers for the measurement parameters Electrodeless (Inductive) and Contact Conductivity, pH/Redox (ORP) Measurement. To achieve this the instrument utilises a…