Chemscan® UV-2150-S Chloramination

On-line, timely and accurate Chloramination Process Analyser for Chloramination monitoring and control in water and wastewater treatment plant applications.


The ChemScan® Process Analyzer / Chloramination Suite Analyser, uses multiple wavelength light absorbance data to characterize the concentration of free chlorine in a sample of known or stable pH. If the pH is not known or is variable, sample pH can be adjusted to the 4-5 range, where HOCl is 100% of the form or to the 10+ range where OCl- is 100% of the form.

Multiple wavelength absorbance can also be used to measure organics, nutrients or metals that may be present in the influent to chlorination process in order to calculate the effect that these constituents may have on the chlorination process.

Parameters Chlorine / Chloramination, Free and total amonnia, True Monochloramine
  • Lowest cost system to operate and maintain when all parameters are taken into account
  • No Ion-Specific electrodes to maintain and replace
  • Internal, automatic data logs
  • Automatic zero and self-cleaning
  • Low cost reagents
  • Multiple wave-length UV detection system with high accuracy

Royce Water have installed and supplied ASA Analytics Chemscan® Analysers for the measurement of chlorine / chloramination in municipal wastewater treatment for many years. We are confident that these units respresent the highest accuracy, lowest maintenance and operating costs.

We base our recommendation of the Chemscan® 2150-S (Chloramination Suite Process Analyser) on our experience of these units in active service in municipal water and wastewater treatment plants around Australia.

Royce Water welcome enquiries about the utility and benefits of these units in Chloramination control. As the leading supplier of Chemscan process analysers in Australia, our representatives can provide many solid case studies from the field.

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