Royce Water Technologies acquires the business of Anadex Labs

anadexlabsEffective 1 April 2017 the business of Anadex Labs, in particular the AQUAMETA range of industrial and commercial hydrostatic level sensors and probes, has been acquired by Royce Water Technologies. The following AQUAMETA level sensors will now be supplied and supported by Royce Water Technologies: CR420, CG420, PH420 and PF420 series of level probes.

The AN420 and VA420 series of level sensors have been replaced by the CR420 range of sensors. Please contact Royce Water Technologies for more information.

The following mechanical level indicators will be supplied by Royce Water Technologies: CHEM110 and CHEM113.

All other Anadex Labs products not listed have been discontinued:

  • AN4000, AN5000 and AN6000 series of level indicators
  • ANTEX2, ANTEX3, LD1 and LD2 level indicators
  • ANG30 and the ANG90 wireless float switches
  • All other electronic products
  • All other mechanical level indicators
  • All level alarm and float switches

If you have a warranty claim for any of the products that have been discontinued, please to to the Warranty Claim Page and supply all relevant information that will assist in verifying your warranty claim. Click here for the warranty claim page.

Click here to contact your local Royce Water Technologies representatives.

Click here to see the range of Hydrostatic Level Sensors.

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