Crystal XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge

Crystal Calibration XP2i Digital Handheld Pressure Gauge – Submersible, shock resistant, marine-grade construction.


Why choose the XP2i?

1. The sensors that never deform: The XP2i digital pressure gauge which will never deform. At high pressure, the XP2i sensors will shatter but they will never deform.

2. Automatic shutdown if damaged: The Crystal Calibration XP2i features sensors with self-diagnostic capability, which will prevent operation of the gauge unless the sensors are completely sound.

3. Over-pressure handling: Accidental overpressure is also handled by the XP2i. The XP2i pressure gauge sensors will return to their correct shape and operation after they have been subject to overpressure.

For more pricing on the Crystal Calibration XP2i pressure gauge, please contact your nearest Royce Water representative.