Chemscan® UV2150/DC

Chemscan® Online UV2150/DC Chlorination/De-Chlorination Analyser– Online UV Absorbance measuring principal and Continuous Online Monitoring of 2 Sample Lines


Chemscan® Chlorination/De-Chlorination Analyser

• Designed for Chlorination and De-Chlorination measurements in Contact Tanks

• Online UV Absorbance measuring principal

• Measures Total Chlorine Residual (0.05 to 5.00 as CL2 Influent) and De-chlorination Agent Residual (0.005 to 0.5 as CL2 Effluent)

• Accuracy 2% to 5% of range

• Continuous Online Monitoring of 2 Sample Lines

• Benign, inexpensive non-proprietary reagents used

• No Ion Specific Electrodes to replace

• Automatic Zero Calibration and Clean

Parameters Chloramine – Chloramination