BGD17 – Single Input Controller – Dissolved Oxygen

The BGD17 is a microprocessor controlled instrument range offering individual controllers for the measurement parameters Electrodeless (Inductive) and Contact Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen Measurement. To achieve this the instrument utilises a clear multifunction LCD to display the primary reading and temperature, show operational status and to provide an intuitive user interface.


As standard the instrument is simple to install with a new custom 144x144mm IP66 rated Wall-mount instrument, however with the addition of a suitable mounting kit it can either be installed as a Panel-mount or Pipe-mount instrument.

The instrument has two onboard volt-free normally open-relays with adjustable setpoint value and hysteresis. Either one can be set to activate on a High, Low or Band operation allowing the instrument to be used in a variety of dosing and or control applications. Additional setpoint functions include delayed activation and dose alarm timer, whilst the status of the relays can be seen via the main screen of the instrument. The set points relays may also be given the function as a clean initiator to provide automatic sensor cleaning, the clean duration, recovery time and interval period all programmable.

Additionally, the instrument features one industry standard, isolated, 0/4-20mA current output that features adjustable scaling and selectable on-error states, allowing the instrument to transmit the primary reading for remote monitoring purposes. Also fitted are two digital inputs operating on either closed or open contact which allow the instrument to be triggered by No Flow, Low Tank Level, Interlock or Off-line functions that forces the relays to deactivate and the current output to a pre-defined state.

Depending upon version purchased the instrument may be powered by either 85-265V AC or 12-30V DC.


  • Power supply 85-265vAC (24vDC option)
  • 2 off Independent digital inputs
  • Accurate at zero DO
  • Measurement and Temperature input
  • 2 off Programmable relay outputs
  • 1 off Isolated scaleable 0/4-20mA output
  • Software Upgrade via Micro(SD) Card
  • Also available here for Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen (BPD17)