Microbial ATP Test Kit – QGA™

Microbial ATP Test Kit – QGA™

Fast and highly sensitive microbial test kit based on ATP measurement. Perfect for low-solids and low bio-mass applications.


QuenchGone Aqueous Next Generation Microbial Test Kit for Low-Solids Waters from LuminUltra. Uses ATP measurement for a highly accurate, sensitive measurement of microbe levels in drinking water and cooling water applications.

LuminUltra’s ATP Microbial Test Kits for water and wastewater applications are faster, more reliable and more accurate than older technologies for microbial testing.

  • Isolate cellular ATP in a single analysis
  • Fast results! Get results in under 5 minutes
  • Low Detection Limit is nominally 0.1pg/mL and simple modifications to the test can enable even lower detection limits
  • Reagent requires infrequent change – stable for around 1 year
  • Turbidity, salinity, colour, residual chemical, and other similar factors in your sample are completely negated in ATP microbial testing with the Quenchgone Aqueous Test Kit.