Microbial ATP Test Kit – QGO-M™

Fastest measurement of total micro-organisms in organic fluids for metalworking, fuel and oilfield applications.


LuminUltra Quench–Gone Organic Modified (QGO–M™) is based on the measurement of ATP and is designed for organic–based samples, such as metalworking emulsions or fuels.  For low-solids organic-based samples, such as oilfield-related waters, fuel, lubricants, metalworking fluids, and oily brines.
QGO–M™ includes special provisions to separate organics prior to analysis, allowing you to quickly measure total microbiological concentration using this kit with a wide detection range and no assay interference!


  • Isolate the living population (Cellular ATP) using a single analysis.
  • Results available in < 5 minutes.
  • Low Detection Limit is nominally 1pg/mL, although simple test modifications can allow even greater sensitivity.
  • All interferences such as organics, colour, residual chemical, and other characteristics inherent to sample matrices are completely negated.
  • All reagents are stable for at least one year
  • For chemical products requiring preservation such as some types of personal care products use Quench-Gone Organic Modified, High-Sensitivity/Pre-Dilution (QGOM-XLPD).