FOG Rod®

Innovative wastewater level sensor / wet well level. Failsafe – keeps working through FOG. 90% less maintenance than floats for lift stations.


Wet Well Lift Station Level

Keep it simple with the minimal maintenance FOG Rod®. No electronics or moving parts.

The FOG Rod® is the wet well lift station level sensorthat keeps on working through heavy FOG build up. It is completely fail-safe and only needs occassional cleaning. Once a month cleaning even with a bad wet well. With a typical wet well it should only need cleaning every 3 months.

  • No moving parts, sensors or electronics in the wet well lift station.
  • Failsafe – LIT (Level Indicator Transmitter) detects breaks in the cable, loose wiring or excess build up of FOG
  • Simple and quick to install with no re-wiring required
  • No configuration or calibration