WTW NitraVis®

On-line measurement COD, BOD and TOC using full UV-VIS spectral wave length ranges from 200 – 720nm.

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The new generation: CarboVIS®, NitraVis® and NiCaVis®

The new optical system design ensures the highest measurement accuracy, repeatability and stability. The drift-free sensor guarantees reliable data over extended periods of time, without the need for routine maintenance.

Using the full UV-VIS spectral wave length range from 200 to 720 nm provides the best measurement results and optimum compensation of interferences like turbidity.

The integrated, advanced ultrasonic cleaning system reduces manual window cleaning to an absolute minimum. High performance materials including Titanium and PEEK are used to withstand harsh conditions for extreme durability over the entire sensor lifespan.

Advantages for the user at-a-glance:

  • Online measurement of COD, BOD, TOC, TSS and Nitrate.
  • Patent pending optics for highest accuracy, stability and reliability.
  • The best results and compensation is achieved by using the full UV-VIS range from 200 – 720 nm.
  • Advanced ultrasonic cleaning system guarantees minimal maintenance.
  • The Titanium and PEEK materials are used for extreme durability.