Valmet Total Solids Transmitter

Superior total solids measurement solution for wastewater


For more than ten years Valmet’s microwavebased solid content transmitters have been used in the process industry for highly demanding applications. Valmet TS has been developed from third generation microwave solids transmitters, combining cost-efficiency with the extreme accuracy of microwave technology. The new transmitter meets the needs of wastewater treatment plants – with no compromises in accuracy. The 500 references in global waste water industry speak for the excellence.

Sludge pumping from primary & secondary sedimentations / Feed to Thickening
Sludge pumping control based on reliable total solids measurement, and thus optimising sludge quality early on in the process, is vital for the whole sludge handling procedure.

Digester feed
Maintaining a high, optimised total solids content in the sludge entering the digesters helps to achieve better process control and significant savings. Sludge digestion time can be increased to produce more biogas.

Significant savings can be achieved through better dewatering control: a reliable total solids measurement helps to optimise polymer dosing and thus reduce polymer costs.

Dry Cake
The Valmet TS can be installed in the feed line to the incinerator, immediately after the sludge cake pump.


Valmet Total Solids Transmitter benefits

  • Lower energy consumption in dewatering, better utilisation rate in energy production
  • Higher pumping capacity means higher water processing volumes and helps to postpone investments
  • Better utilisation of solids transportation capacity
  • Lower polymer consumption
  • Highly efficient use of dewatering centrifuges
  • Less laboratory analysis
  • Provides higher solids content in sludge