SAC Measurement WTW UV700 IQ

WTW UV700 IQ SAC – Sensor for continuous measurement of SAC (Spectral Absorption Coefficient) and UVT measurement. Suitable for corrosive environments.

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Some of the features of the UV 700 IQ SAC sensor from WTW Australia:

1. No need for reagents for accurate measurement in wastewater treatment, rivers etc – Simpler, lower cost SAC measurement.

2. Ultrasonic self-cleaning system – Innovative WTW technology: Minimal sensor maintenance and servicing costs with WTW self-cleaning technology.

3. Anti-corrosive and durable body from Titanium and PEEK: The UV700 IQ SAC sensor is designed to withstand highly corrosive environments.

4. Cost efficient system extension with full integration to WTW’s IQ Sensor Net: Flexible, modular, reliable SAC measurement

The UV700 IQ SENSOR NET sensor almost continuously measures the spectral absorption coefficient (SAC) at 254 nm.

Spectral Absorption Coefficient measurement enables the detection of organic loads immediately without reagents.

Common applications for the WTW UV 700 IQ SAC are: Recognising load changes in wastewater treatment plants influent and effluent.

Measurement of organic load in rivers and lakes without the requirement for any reagent.