Company background

Company background

Royce Water Technologies has established an envied reputation as a quality supplier and manufacturer of innovative solutions in the areas of analytical monitoring, control and process improvement in the diverse water and wastewater industry.

With more than 15 years of servicing the Australian water and wastewater marketplace, Royce Water Technologies has established an envied position as a quality supplier of innovative solutions.

We take great pride in offering only the best available solutions in analytical monitoring, control and process improvement in Australia’s diverse water and wastewater industry.

Royce Water Technologies have a nationwide team of dedicated water and wastewater professionals. Our team services Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. We have an expert team of partner distributors covering Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

Our team has a combined application and product experience of over 100 years. We are backed by industry expertise from across the globe in our ongoing relationships with the most innovative manufacturers and commitment to professional development.

We manufacturer Dissolved Oxygen Sensors, Hydrostatic Level Sensors and Lagoon Water Moving Aerators for control of Sludge and Algae. Our range of online Analytical instruments includes measurements for Dissolved Oxygen, MLSS, pH/ORP, NO2, NO3, NH3, COD, BOD, TOC, DOC, ATP, UV254, FCL, Conductivity, TDS, Turbidity, Biomass Methane Potential, Sulphite, Manganese, Water Levels in Wet Wells/Lift Stations etc. Royce is the authorised factory representative for Chemscan within Australia. A featured product at this years Exhibition will be online Sludge Dewatering Optimisation equipment from Valmet which contributes significant savings in Polymer consumption, energy consumption and dewatered solids transportation.

Royce Water Technologies is able to deliver the best possible expert advice and solutions to our clients Australia-wide.


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