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Experiencing These Challenges?

Equipment corrosion and fouling: The mechanisms of corrosion are not always well understood, but microbially influenced corrosion is undeniably a significant contributor. Elevated growth within process equipment inevitably results in biofilm formation. Once a biofilm community has become established, microorganisms within the community degrades equipment and compromises their integrity. A rigorous control program supported by effective monitoring tools such as 2nd Generation ATP monitoring enable superior control to prevent biofilm formation and reduce the risk of MIC.

Legionella proliferation: As microorganism communities grow in cooling systems, biofilms inevitably form and can pose serious health risks such as Legionnaire’s disease. Legionella testing is becoming more commonplace in industrial and residential cooling systems, but positive Legionella tests only reveal the problem once it has already occurred. A more proactive approach is to use a rapid and holistic microbiological monitoring such as LuminUltra’s products to assess risk and act quickly when biological growth increases above safe levels. Using this tool to maintain biological growth at a low level can pre-emptively mitigate biofilm formation and the threat of Legionella proliferation.

High chemical costs: Ineffective monitoring in cooling water systems usually results in biofilm build-up which is notoriously difficult to remove. This typically involves chemical treatments to “burn off” biofilm which can be much costlier than it would have been to maintain a more effective control program in the beginning. Better information can lead to better control, and LuminUltra’s fast and reliable results can prevent the need for frequent chemical cleanings and ensure that routine management strategies remain effective.

Long wait time on current test methods: Traditional microbiological methods for cooling water tend to be time-consuming to acquire results, may not be effective to quantify the overall risk, or both. Rather than spending several days to acquire data that is critical to maintaining process integrity, LuminUltra’s products can serve as the ideal tool to provide rapid feedback and guide mitigation activities on-site and on-the-spot.

Why does this happen?

The warm environments of cooling systems are ideal for the growth of microorganisms. As microorganism communities grow in cooling systems, they can attach to pipe walls and form biofilms.

These biofilms pose serious risks, from human health risks like Legionnaire’s disease to reduced operating efficiency and eventually to equipment failure via microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).

The solution is to reduce overall biological loading by introducing fast microbial monitoring solutions to ensure that operational targets are met, and that risks associated with non-target organisms do not go overlooked, from feed water to cooling surface and to basin.

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How can 2nd Generation ATP ® monitoring help to mitigate these challenges?

Microbiological threats are best addressed in their early stages of growth. If microbes aren’t detected quickly, they can’t be properly treated – giving them ample opportunity to grow and quickly get out of control. In recognition of this fact, the EPA’s Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) has emphasized the time-sensitivity of microbial contamination detection.

The real-time, accurate quantification of total microorganisms provided by LuminUltra’s solutions afford your team the ability to pinpoint the problem area within a system, apply the treatment, and quantify the efficacy of this treatment or action within a matter of hours compared to days or weeks with traditional methods.

This rapid feedback enables the expedient and proactive adjustment of system operations to ensure that localized problems do not evolve into major problems. Plus, LuminUltra’s solutions are able to quantify all of the microorganisms in any given water sample – including difficult-to-grow microorganisms such as nitrifiers and corrosion-causing sulfate-reducing bacteria!

Using LuminUltra’s solutions as a means to characterize the overall threat offers the ability to mitigate threats in near real-time, while follow-up tests involving specific culture-based methods for targeted microorganisms can be performed to validate control mechanisms and guard against specific microbiological threats such as E. coli, Legionella, Pseudomonas, Naegleria and other pathogens.

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